I received a bottle of Duck Hunters Delight at the shot show in January. I believe i received the bottle from the owner of the company, however, it could have been a salesman who was very informed and had a lot of knowledge of the product and the company. Its been several month since the show and Im just getting around to using it. My first impression was favourable, as it had no smell and didn't over run my shop with the usual smell of solvent and oil. I applied the oil on an old WW2 rifle that lives on the floor of the backseat of my truck, and occasionally in the bed of said truck. After applying a good amount of the Duck Hunters Delight on the rifle and using a brass brush to dislodge the surface rust that had accumulated on the butt stock and receiver, I applied a generous amount of the oil and wiped clean. i was delighted that no perceptible about of residue was left on the weapon. I picked up some pals to go skeet shooting and threw the rifle in the bed and forgot it. It lightly rained on us that afternoon and when we finished and dropped everyone off. I forgot the rifle in the bed. That was a rainy Friday night, and I didn't use my truck again till Monday. It was while leaving work I noticed the rifle was still in the bed. To my disbelief, the rifle was clean of rust, just as clean as when i cleaned it 5 days prior. I wiped down the rifle and it looks perfect. I have yet to fire it, but I'm sure it will operate as it always has, perfectly. I have not applied more oil on this rifle as I want to see how long the oil is effective on the rifle. In my 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry, I have ever seen anything that protects like this oil. I would like to try out your other products as well, in hopes they are just as good. Thanks again, Im a believer!!!
(Booth Devitt)

"I finally got to use the gun products in earnest a couple of weeks ago. Wow! The cleaner works as well as brake cleaner, but not nearly as harsh and the oil was outstanding. I love that it doesn’t leave a heavy residue. I’ve been telling friends about it. Thanks for the samples."
(Chief Warrant Officer (CW2) Todd Warrington / United States Army)

At Larry's Pawn and Gun we are always after a new product that helps us in the field and in the shop. We discovered the Green Gun Oil Metalloid products and have been very impressed. No smell is always nice when an in field cleaning is a must. From the duck blind to cleaning the suppressors, we give it a thumbs up. We are looking forward to new products in the future.
(Gun Shop/ Dustin McDonald-Matt Woodson/ LARRY'S PAWN AND GUN)

"I used Metalloid products exclusively this year on my duck gun. We usually hunt 30+ days a year, so you can imagine how hard we are on equipment. I did not have any shells hang up all year despite intentionally neglecting to clean my gun many times. One day this season my gun was cased up laying in the bottom of our canoe as we paddled out to the blind, and once we got to the blind and started unloading our gear, we realize we had taken on a ton of swamp water. When I pulled my case from the bottom of the canoe, it looked like gallons of chocolate milk pouring out of it. I laughed and said “Now here’s a good test!” to my buddy. All I did was shake the water out, wipe my finger in the action, and went to work. We shot several birds that day and my gun cycled just like new. Any other time this has happened, I would have had issues all day. You can’t beat this stuff. I left a small bottle of it in our blind and anytime one of my buddy’s guns had an issue it would get a dose of the Metcor 71 Duck Hunter’s Delight, which took care of their issues. This stuff has definitely earned its keep during our season. " 1-30-2015
(Trey Tounzen/ Fort Smith, Arkansas/ Duck Hunting Enthusiast)

It is the best product I have used to clean and lubricate my guns. I will never use Hoppe’s again. I can clean my guns in the living room watching TV without the odor/mess and concerns that my wife used to complain about that the other products offered on the market.
(U.S. Marshall Retired / M. Wineland)

The gun cleaner and gun oil works well with my M-16 that the Marine Corp has issued me. I use both the Metalloid Gun Bore cleaner and Green Gun oil in my annual qualification shoots & training and with pre cleaning with the Metalloid Products the gun cleaned up faster with less effort with a cotton cloth. The Metalloid product let me finish my weapon cleaning leaving all of my fellow marines still scrubbing there rifles while I was headed off to other duties. It is the best thing that I have ever tried as a lubricant and cleaner.
(Sgt. J.N. Turner USMC / Active Duty / Camp Lejeune)

The great thing I found about this product is the ease of use. I can apply it to the gun metal surface with both the Gun Bore Cleaner and Green Gun Oil and it is as simple as wiping it on and wiping any excess off and I have a great rust prohibitive that just dries to a clear film protecting my gun for long periods of time. Easy to use, not a messy smell and works better than anything that I have used in years.
(Avid Gun Shooter & Collector / M. Fitch / Fort Smith Arkansas)

Product works well. I have been using it for the last 6 months on all the guns I have been repairing. I find the product stays with the gun for a long period of time. With guns I did work on months ago and still can see that the dry film rust protectant is present. The product smells better, leaves a great finish and cleans very well. I have converted my entire Repair Shop to Metalloid Products.
(Gun Smith / P. Colley /Memphis Tennessee)