Shotgun Pack

All 6 of our Metal Treatment and Total Gun/Sports Care Products

All 6 of our Technologically Advance Metal Treatment plus  Eco-Friendly, User-Safe Total Shotgun Care Products:

 1) Green Gun Oil-  Bonds to metal deep into pores leaving 2 years of rust protection.  Cleans, Lubricates & Protection for all metal and gun surfaces. Removes Rust.  Non-toxic.  Dry to touch.  No Smell.

 2) Bore Cleaner-  Cleans Deep into pores removing all foulings with ease leaving a  "mirror finish" & a microfilm layer of protection that is dry to touch and reliquifies under heat.   Neutralizes Fingerprint from gun metal surface.   

3) Duck Hunter's Delight - Protects all metal surfaces from moisture, high humidity and salt spray vapors.  Duck Hunter's Delight is a botanical-based, environmentally friendly, corrosion preventative, water repellant for all metal guns, knifes, axes & other metal material.  Neutralizes Fingerprint from gun metal surface.  This product is formulated with bio-renewable and bio-sustainable resources and is both bio-degradable and is chemically neutral.

4) Green Stock Oil will recondition Gun Stock/wood from cracking and drying.  It restores the luster of all wood surface . Green Stock Oil is formulated with only biodegradable, natural ingredients seals wood to repell water from damage. A gunsmiths dream. Designed for the Amish over 30 years to protect all their wood services and still is today.

5) Green Leather Oil will recondition old leather to reduce cracking, fading, and improve texture. Used on new leather, the emollient properties of Green Leather Oil will keep your leather looking new by adding water repellency, mildew protection and suppleness in one application.  Designed for the Amish, over 30 years ago to protect all their leather harness and saddles and still is today.

6) Advanced Botanical Hand Cleaner- "The best hand cleaner we ever used", is the common statement most gunsmith say.  Industrial Strength to remove all carbon grim, soft on hands.  Removes gas & oil with easy, leaving a fresh pleasant lemony scent.