Pistol Pack

All 3 of Our Technologically Advanced Gun/Metal Care Products

1) Green Gun Oil- Technologically Advanced Formula:  Bonds to metal deep into pores leaving 2 years of rust protection.  Cleans, Lubricates & Protection for all metal and gun surfaces. Removes Rust.  Non-toxic.  Dry to touch.  No Smell.

2) Bore Cleaner- Technologically Advanced Formula: Cleans Deep into pores removing all foulings with ease leaving a  "mirror finish" & a microfilm layer of protection that is dry to touch and reliquifies under heat.   Neutralizes Fingerprint from gun metal surface.   

3) Metcor 71 Duck Hunter's Delight -Technologically Advanced Formula: Protects all metal surfaces from moisture, high humidity and salt spray vapors.  Duck Hunter's Delight is a botanical-based, environmentally friendly, corrosion preventative, water repellant for all metal guns, knifes, axes & other metal material.  Neutralizes Fingerprint from gun metal surface.  This product is formulated with bio-renewable and bio-sustainable resources and is both bio-degradable and is chemically neutral.