Metcor 71 Duck Hunter's Delight

Repels Water from Guns... Technologically Advanced Formula: Also, keeps guns from freezing in cold.

Metcor 71 Duck Hunter's Delight will protect all metal surfaces from moisture, high humidity and salt spray vapors. It is a botanical-based, environmentally friendly, corrosion preventative. It is a water repellant for all guns. Treat the surface of metal and pour water on it & watch the water bead right off.  Perfect for hunters and police to protect guns in rainy weather or moist conditions.  It will also keep guns from freezing in below freezing weather.  This product is formulated with bio-renewable and bio-sustainable resources and is both bio-degradable and is chemically neutral.. Metcor 71 Duck Hunter's Delight contains no petroleum oil or hazardous materials.