Testimonial with Photos- Douglas Bernhard

I have been a fan of ZeeBaaS spinning reels ever since Van Staal production was moved to China. American made, by a bunch of former aerospace machinists up in Stratford,CT.  Fully sealed against the elements, mine get a regular dunking in our extra salty waters. 

 Here are the before and after pictures of both reels, as they cleaned up with Metcor 71, some Q-tips and a boar bristle shaving brush. Also note that I disassembled the drag disks  group, cleaned out any carbon (I will get literally smoked by Tarpon, Jack Crevalle  or sharks) with Metcor 57, and wiped down with green Gun Oil as part of the reassembly process.

ZeeBaaS 20 before


ZeeBaaS 20 after


ZeeBaaS 22 before


 ZeeBaaS 22 After


 -Douglas Bernhard