I Saw Proof of Performance by Metalloid Gun Bore Cleaner on the Shooting Range

I fired off 50 rounds at my local range using my Glock 36 45-caliber pistol. For the first time ever, I had cleaned the gun internally with Metalloid Gun Bore Cleaner.

That particular day, my front sight was loose, causing me to hit the target left of center. So, I disassembled my gun on a table behind the shooting range. The internal parts were hot after my practice, and I noticed that there was a fine, wet lube on the surface of the internal parts--barrel, spring, and internal slide.

In just moments, the parts cooled, and I noticed that a dry film had replaced the wet lube. No traces of carbon were evident. Exactly what the product promises.

My Glock performed beautifully, well lubricated and extremely clean. I've been amazed at the performance—much better than the cleaners and synthetic lube products I had tried previously. What a great improvement over traditional products!

—Robert Turner, Metalloid employee and avid shooter