Duck Hunters Delight / Bore Shield

Our super water repellency dry film coating Duck Hunters Delight / Bore Shield are amazing products. See the picture attached of the Glock in the tank completely submerged in water with over 400 hours during the many shows we have displayed the gun underwater and no rust or corrosion on the firearm afterward. When the gun was removed from the tank it performed just like it did before without any rust or damage to the firearm.

Simply amazing. Water will just roll off the weapon in the rain and or if the gun gets completely wet in the field and ready to shoot.

Duck hunters Delight Bore Shield will give you weeks of water repellency in the field and over 4 years in dry storage rust protection.

You have to try it to believe it. Everything else on the market is just grease and oil.

--Robert Turner

Duck Hunters Delight